Organic Synthesis

Organic Synthesis
CM-Tec provides custom organic synthesis or contract organic synthesis service and technical support
through different ways:

Custom synthesis in quantity from milligrams to kilograms
If you require a compound in the quantity from milligram to tens of kilograms, please think about our
service. We can meet your needs for a little sample in your initial development stage, and can also
assist you in your expanding requirements. Our technical staff will satisfy you in time and cost-
efficiently on your request.

Contract research on organic synthesis        
Contract research is necessary when the some cases are encountered, e.g., synthetic information
not available or limited, and renovation on lengthy or costly synthetic route.
Through contract research, our experts will provide you detailed information for synthesizing the
targeted compound, and also work out the innovative synthetic route to the studied compound. Our
efforts can help you to reach various goals, such as determining competitive synthetic route,
improving process efficiency and yield, and obtaining necessary data for scale-up, etc.

Process development and optimization
Development or optimization on an existing compound or process can be done in CM-Tec. A novel chemical
synthesis process may be required for an existing compound, or a retrofit is required for an existing
process. Based on available information and fundamental data, CM-Tec may carry out the development
and optimization of such a synthetic manufacturing process for you to scale up the process and improve its

Some categories of chemicals synthesized in our lab:
Organic or drug compound, reference standard, intermediate
Polymer and Oligomer
Special monomer, such as custom-made monomer, monomer containing fluorescence group, etc.
According to our service records, the synthetic services we have furnished usually fall into the following
• Compounds that need complicated synthetic path
• Special monomers
• Specialty polymers that need multiple reactions or treatments
• Polymers or organic compounds that need to be designed and synthesized specifically
Polymer Crosslinkers
Biodegradable Crosslinkers
Amphiphilic Polymers
Anionic Polymerization
Ring-Opening Polymerization
Free Radical Polymerization
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