Anionic Polymerization

A great number of our polymer products have been made via anionic polymerization - a very precise
mechanism, which allows us to make polymers with a large diversity and high quality. Here are some
examples or categories of polymers that we have made using this mechanism:  ethoxylates, polylactide
(PLA), polycaprolactone (PCL), PCLA, PLGA, PEG and derivatives, polycyanoacrylate, polybutadiene,  
polystyrene, block copolymers with different combination, etc. We have been very excited in using this
powerful method to build up our product portfolio or generate specialty polymers (Please see the
aforementioned products by clicking the buttons in the left column.).

Specifically we would like to further mention a couple of typical cases that we had worked on to show the
uniqueness of anionic polymerization process.

Case 1: Polybutadiene or Poly(butadiene-b-ethylene oxide)
The anionic polymerization of butadiene with termination agent forms a hydroxyl-ended polybutadiene,
from which a block copolymer of PBD-PEG-OH or HO-PEG-PBD-PEG-OH can be generated.  On the
other hand, the hydroxyl end group opens a door to make many different end functional groups, e.g.,
carboxyl, acrylates, amine, etc. Not only can the molecular weight be precisely controlled but also the PDI
appears very small, varying between 1.06-1.10.  

Case 2: Polystyrene or Poly(styrene-b-ethylene oxide)
Using styrene instead of butadiene in the same procedure as shown in Case 1, PS-OH, HO-PS-OH,
PS-PEG-OH, and HO-PEG-PS-PEG-OH can be made, and likewise which may lead to other
functional-ended derivatives.

At this point, one may naturally think of a block polymer of PS-PBD or PBD-PS-PBD can be synthesized in
a simpler manner without intermediate termination.
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