About Us

CM-Tec, Inc. was established in 2002. Its business covers technology and product development and marketing,
contract research, custom synthesis, and analytical service.

Technical Services
The technical staff of CM-Tec has broad experience and expertise in: 1) polymer synthesis, design, and
analysis; 2) organic synthesis and analysis; and 3) polymerization and reaction process scale-up and
optimization. CM-Tec is ready to provide services of contract research, custom synthesis, and sample analysis
to chemical, pharmaceutical, and material industries.

CM-Tec commits itself to technical confidentiality of what customers may request.  A Bilateral Non-Disclosure
Agreement may be signed if necessary.

Product Development and Marketing
CM-Tec has been injecting great efforts into developing and marketing polymer specialties. The products mainly
cover hydrophilic and amphiphilic polymers, functionalized oligomers, hydrogels, and biopolymers. In some
fields, the R&D activities are moving far ahead of the manufacturing readiness. One of our business strategies
is to develop and manufacture unique polymer products to meet the new needs in these areas.   
Polymer Crosslinkers
Biodegradable Crosslinkers
Chemical synthesis, organic synthesis, intermediate synthesis, organic analysis, compositional analysis, deformulation
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CM-Tec, Inc., Delaware Technology Park, 1 Innovation Way, Suite 100, Newark, DE 19711, USA,  Tel: (302) 369-6166, Email: info@cmtec-inc.com